Signal Sighting

Our signal sighting service falls into 3 main categories and covers the complete service from creation to sign-off.

  • SSC Chair and Form creation
  • Desktop Signal Sighting (HD & VR)
  • Signal Immunisation

The desktop approach is becoming the norm for many projects and our aim is to provide a cost-effective and efficient service supported by qualified and experienced siganlling professionals.We aim to be a One Stop Shop for all signal sighting requirements and as part of this we are able to provide:

  • SSC Chair and SSF form creation for manual or desktop signal sighting.
  • Provision of Desktop Signal Sighting data & tools
  • Signal Immunisation via desktop approach
  • Hosting of Signal Sighting Meetings – inc provision of hardware etc
  • SSC member training for Video & VR based signal sighting tools

Gioconda is by far the most experienced supplier of Desktop Signal Sighting in the UK and as such operates on many contracts direct with NetworkRail through a Call Off Contract (SSIMs). We also supply direct to many of the major design consultancies and contractors.

The G-RAST (Gioconda Route Assessment & Sighting Tool) is our prime software suite and is currently undergoing a major overhaul. The new G-RASTx will be available this summer for release. It will include many new tools inresponse to our users comments and will support the automatic production of SSFs.

As paret of our service we have developed some useful – free of charge – software that you may want your team to utilise. Please see the Downloads page for more info.